When Can My Baby Sleep With A Pillow And Blanket


When a baby is born, parents want to prepare and decorate the room as per the baby gender. Choosing a crib color and bed items is the more prominent part of kids decoration, but they are simple than parents needs. However, don’t worry about baby pillow because in early years they do not need at all.

Do not feel that baby will be uncomfortable without a pillow, however; you’re putting a child in danger if offering them a pillow. A pillow can make the child suffocate which may lead to death even, in the worst case.

Is Pillow Necessary for Newborn Babies?

Being parents, babies comfort is the utmost thing in your life. However, do not keep any bed item near infants as there are suffocation hazards. Small babies can’t move, and they don’t have control on neck and head, if some pillow or any bed item comes on their face, they can’t take them off.

Thus it can affect babies breathing, and it can lead to suffocation.  According to American pediatrics academy, parents should avoid blankets, pillows and crib bumpers and can have a smooth surface for kids to sleep. It is also advisable that parents should make babies sleep on their back to avoid any uncomfortable situation.

On the other hand, babies are susceptible to different kinds of allergies associated with the use of pillow such as dust mites, feather and down.

When Can Babies Sleep With Pillows and Blankets?

The recommended age for babies to use pillow is above two years old. When you shift baby form a crib to bed, then your baby can use a pillow which should be firm and thin. Parents should always keep an eye on infants and babies as when they can put the head beneath the pillow which is very dangerous.

So, even your babies can move adequately and have control over neck and head; it is recommended to use pillows and blankets after two years. Moreover, after two years old they observe things around and want same characteristics as of parents thus need of a pillow arises.

Do Babies Feel Uncomfortable Not Having a Pillow?

In the early years, you don’t need to worry about the baby comfort without the use of a pillow. Baby do not understand the purpose of a pillow, and they are comfortable without it as they need the pillow when their shoulders are broad than the head.

When babies sleep with the pillow, they place the head in some unnatural position which affects their head and neck, this may lead to a pain on these areas.

Sleeping with a pillow is just a norm and our thinking that no one can sleep peacefully without a pillow. Therefore, babies can sleep quietly and comfortably without the use of a pillow.

Bedding Idea When Baby is Ready to Use Pillow

When your baby is two years old, he or she is prepared to for pillow, and now you can decorate your baby bed or crib.

You can put a fitted bed sheet with a soft and gentle pillow, blankets and stuff toys. However, as an infant, only a bed sheet is required for them.

Substitute of Pillow

If you feel that baby is uncomfortable on a flat surface and can’t sleep properly then instead of a pillow, you can keep a small towel or a folded bed sheet under the head so a baby can sleep peacefully.

However, make sure that they don’t put head under it otherwise it will suffocate them.

After Two Years

As your toddler gets two years old, you can offer them a pillow. They can develop emotional attachment with a pillow and prefers to sleep with a pillow.

Sometimes kids are so attached to their pillows that they do not want to sleep without it. If they are traveling somewhere, they will take the pillow along.

Which Type of Pillow is Good for Baby

After two years your baby can sleep on a pillow but make sure it’s a soft, flat and small in size to support the neck fully. You can buy a baby pillow from any baby shop; babies are not comfortable sleeping on a big pillow.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when purchasing a baby pillow

  • Use wedge pillow for babies having reflux and prefers to be an incline position. It is best for inclining position.
  • To help babies sleep nicely on the back, use secure and close-sleeper. These are positioning pillows and allows babies co-sleep nicely.
  • As a toddler, you can use bobble roos pillow blanket which is good for the neck and head support.

Right Pillow

When introducing pillow for your baby, always offer him/her a new one free from germs and dust.

Always go for a cover sewn on a pillow instead of feather one as the later one contain allergies hazards. Moreover, you can also wash the stitched cover easily.

Baby Pillows for Nursing

Many ladies use the pillow while nursing infants. They are no doubt lifesaver. You don’t have to keep baby on the wrist which makes you tired and puts a lot of pressure on your hand.

When baby can control head and neck, the pillow makes your hands completely free. In this way, a busy mom can do other things with hands like if you have another baby to feed.

Wrap up

We have discussed whether the pillow is excellent or dangerous for kids and we came to the conclusion that pillow is not suitable for babies under age 2.

There are safety concerns and suffocation hazards associated with its usage. As babies can’t move head and neck, therefore, they can go under the pillow and suffocate themselves. It is advisable to use a flat, soft and small pillow for kids after age 2 and it is the safe time to introduce the pillow.


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